14th November

1600–1730 – European Economic Forum – inaugural session “POLAND, EUROPE AND WORLD UP AGAINST SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC CHANGES” (Ball Room, IV floor) with: Radosław Pyffel, Alternate Director of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank



15th November

Conference „International economic cooperation of the regions of V4 countries including cooperation with China” (Ball Room, IV floor)

1030–1045 opening speeches


Witold Stępień
Przemysław Andrzejak Vladimir Gaspar
przemyslawandrzejak-150x150 vgaspar
Marshal of the Lodzkie Region Chairman of the Board, Lodz Regional Development Agency Director, Regional Development Agency South Moravia

1045–1200 Panel I: Visegrad regions in cooperation for development


Topics for discussion:

– increasing role of local authorities in state foreign policy

– experience of regions of V4 countries in regional cooperation and their plans for the future

– cooperation of local authorities for the benefit of the Visegrad Group

– challenges and opportunities of deepening the economic cooperation of Visegrad countries


prof. Bogdan Góralczyk
Director of the Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw


Jaroslav Ludva Bela Kakas József Berényi Maciej Łaski
jaroslav-ludvaa belakakas mlaski
Junior Deputy Minister for European Affairs of the Czech Republic President of Csongrad
Vice-President of Trnava Self-governing Region
Director, Department of Promotion and International Cooperation, Marshal’s Office of the Lodzkie Region


1200 – Break (coffee, lunch)

1300–1430 Panel II: Current trends and prospects for China-V4 cooperation


Topics for discussion:

– V4 central authorities’ stance on cooperation with China

– regions’ experience of cooperating with China

– opportunities for exporting products from the Visegrad countries to China

– investment cooperation with China

– rail, air and sea connections


dr Tamas Matura
Director, Central and Eastern European Center
for Asian Studies


Petr Šelepa prof. Dominik
Bartosz Ziółek
Ryszard Świlski Zbigniew Burzyński Jarosław Żak
dominikmierzejewski  rswilski zburzynski jzak
Member of the Council of the South Moravian Region University of Lodz CEO, Amber Foods International, Amber Global Consulting

Member of the Board of Pomorskie Region

Mayor of Kutno

Member of the Board, Hatrans Logistics


1500–1630 – European Economic Forum – plenary session “EXPO 2022” (Ball Room, IV floor) with: Jaroslav Ludva – Junior Deputy Minister for European Affairs of the Czech Republic and dr Karol Biernacki, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland to Hungary


Detailed agenda of the European Economic Forum: http://www.forum.lodzkie.pl/en/.

The programme is subject to change.